Encik Boyfriend sila turun dari langit sekarang!

okay hello mello haluuuu :p since i have nothing to do and im bored to death, so i feel like updating my blog, well if you guys dont mind, do have a peek will ya? ;) 

what are we going to talk about today? Mm. Nothing interesting happened actually here in UM. okay i lied. There are like lots of stuffs going on here, but well i do have a short term memory plus i dont really feel like writing about all those things. (bad memories i suppose?) but still, im doing fine here, if you guys are so curious about am i doing well or not or can i survive or not or or or etc you know, ehem! hihi. well fortunately, i survived yea! and i'm going to survive, insyaallah mudah mudahan. 

well since im already 20, i've been wondering why am i still single haha. no no, its actually i've been wondering what kind of guy that i've been longing for all this while. and i've got the answer yea! ok its a major turn on for me if that guy is tall and wide. but it will be extremely extremely cool if that guy can make me feel secured and protected. All girls wanna feel protected by the person they loved, dont you? here you go! same goes to me. I just wanna feel as if that mr perfect is doing everything, like you know working his ass off just to ensure that im alright, im fine. omg you can never describe those feelings you have whenever someone protects you. 

plus, im not the kind of girl who loves all those cheesy things. i love cheese but no, no cheesy is allowed. i'd prefer a sweet guy instead of a romantic guy. yerk, i dont bother to have a candle light dinner or having those formal kind of dates. i just love to do all the silly things with him, my mr right (in the near future, insyaallah). you know, like go and simple watch movies, walking around, having bad and nonsense jokes. 

so, i've decided to have fun while waiting for my mr right to put in an appearance. mohon boyfriend turun dari langit ye encik boyfriend,lepastu kita boleh buat benda benda silly together gether gether omg! hehe ok ok bye, will update soon! muah.
terima kasih daun keladi ♥