Scottich; Agus McMarrow

Anyeonggg! *Jeremy's style'* Post kite before this, Dorami (AnisAshaari) kite ckp 'dahlah blog bahasa melayu'. Haa okaylah, this time, my post will be in English. Anis dorami, I hope you read this mihmih :p Alright you alls, today is Wednesday. So as usual, class started at 8 but Haida bangun 'awal'. Consequently, I came to class at 8.30. Then, class dimulakan, sesi presentation juga dimulakan, lepastu dalam kelas makan chipsmore haaa lepastu lepastuu...nothing interesting lalalala. 

After class, four of us, Me, Ayang, Lala Dawson and Anis Ashaari went to Megamall. Semua excited nak brunch kt kedai pakcik Mcdonald. But but but! Haaa amik kau banyak But gitu mihmih. Before brunch, we went to Giant, kite nak beli groceries. But to tell you the truth, masa kt Giant, serious, Anis was my witness, sumpah I macam orang miskin gila as I have to let go all the food yg takperlu and takpenting and yg menggemukkan dan segala galanya. Motif dan sebab? One and only reason) sebab nak jimat duit as allowance takmasuk lagi. Haih ni yg nak maghah dgn government ni. Mana elaun kami? Mana elaun kami? Mana hak elaun kami as pelajar asasi? Haih maghah ni maghah. Bengang sangat dah ni Huhu. 

Oh bytheway, not to be forgotten, nak bgtau ni. Every Wednesday ktaorg ada kelas Drama. Haa masa kelas drama ni masing masing mulalah tunjuk bakat berlakon tu semua kan. But for today, activity for our drama class, ktaorg kena tgk satu movie yg berlatar belakangkan Scotland. It was a great movie though. 'The Water Horse' . A movie that will definitely give you a complete Elements of Drama consists of exposition, rising action, the climax, falling action and last but not least resolution. Okay takpayah susah susah fkir. In malay, we called it as PLOT! Serious movie ni best and awesome gila wa ckp lu. Hamboiii haa hihi. Here's the trailer of the movie. Cubalah usha, its about a sea creature/monster that was known as Water Horse. 

terima kasih daun keladi ♥